Our unfailing focus on quality is building an enviable reputation among discerning chocolate lovers throughout the world. “The Highest Quality” is a must, if you want to play a role in the world of chocolate.


In our constant search for excellent ingredients, quality is the first requirement. Together with our tailor-made production process, this gives us the ability to offer the highest quality at a fair price.


Furthermore our company follows the  international standards and guidelines. In January 2011, The Belgian Chocolate Group was the first Belgian chocolate company that obtained the A star level of the international BRC food standard and the  Higher Level of the International Food Standard. These are the highest possible standards to obtain in both systems.


Finally, we also have a halal certificate for our products. As a result, the products have been produced in accordance with the imposed standards and meet the demanded quality requirements. 


Here you can find our certificates:

IFS Herentals 2021-2022

IFS Olen 2021-2022

BRC8 Certificate Olen


 The Belgian is a member of food.be