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Belgian Cities

What would ‘The Belgian’ website be without a few bits on the country ‘Belgium’?!

Belgium is known for its chocolate and its beers. When you visit Belgium, a chocolate tour should not miss in your schedule. Here are some tips for the Land Of Chocolate.



Brussels is the capital of Belgium and of the European Union. Brussels is a melting pot of culture & museums, food & dining and lively neighbourhoods.

Brussels is definitely one of the cities with ‘high cocoa content’. Among the wide range of things to see and do regarding chocolates, we highlight two: 

The Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate explains visitors the history of chocolate. How did cocoa end up in Europe and how is chocolate processed? During demonstrations, visitor can see how pralines are made in the traditional handcrafted way. 

The House of The Belgian Master Chocolate-Makers or in French ‘Maison des Maîtres Chocolatiers Belges’ is a concept where the chocolate craftsmanship is shown by demonstrations and tastings by professionals. For real chocolate lovers, there are also hands-on workshops.

For more information, take a look at the official website of Brussels:


Bruges, also called the Venice of the North, is a famous city in the west of Belgium and is known for its well preserved medieval buildings. The city centre is on the list of the Unesco Heritage.

Bruges has its own Chocolate Story museum. The mission of this chocolate museum is ‘To make the story of the transformation of cocoa into chocolate known and to promote the health and quality aspects of Belgian chocolate’. Find out everything about the origin of chocolate, the process of making chocolate from a cocoa bean and how pralines are made through live demonstrations in the museum.

For more information about the city of Bruges, please go to



This lively city in the north of Belgium offers lots to discover but the city is most famous for its fashion, diamonds and port.

Just like diamonds, chocolates are a girl’s best friend. Antwerp has a local chocolate specialty called ‘Little Hands from Antwerp’ ("Antwerpse handjes"). This local specialty is recognized by the European Union as ‘guaranteed traditional specialty.’

For more info, go to the official website of Antwerp.


The city of Ghent is the capital of de province of Eastern Flanders. Ghent ranks third on the list of Historic Places by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. It is said that ‘the city combines well its historical treasures and daily life’. The inhabitants and many students in Ghent live their life in a gorgeous historical background. Read more on this website.



Liege is the largest touristic city of the southern French speaking part of Belgium called Wallonia.  The river Meuse crosses the centre of the city from south to north. Due to the presence of this river,  the landscape shows a lot of variety. The best way to discover this green area and Liege’s typical city quarters is on foot.

The locals of Liege know how to dine and cook well. Next to the charming restaurants, the epicureans among you can try the famous Liege waffles. They differ from Brussel waffles because of their round shape and the whole chunks of sugar they contain. Why not try a Liege Waffle with Belgian chocolate sauce?

To find out more about Liege