Belgian chocolate is supposedly the best in the world!

Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe. However, the Belgians are not intimidated by its size. So it is no surprise Julius Caesar said: “Belgians are the bravest of all Gauls” or that Napoleon’s conquest for European domination ended in Waterloo (Belgium). 



Belgium is worldwide adored for its food & beer culture, but also for its famous Belgian chocolates, which we are very passionate about. Belgium’s affiliation with chocolate dates from the 17th century. Chocolate plays a substantial part in the Belgian economy. Besides the fact that it is broadly consumed in the country itself, it is also a widely exported product. For almost 400 years, Belgium has been producing delicious chocolate. Today, Belgium  counts approximately 2000 chocolate shops.The unique combination of the finest ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls make Belgian chocolates a worldwide favourite.



The Belgian Chocolate Group will be present at the 2023 ISM - Cologne Trade fair for sweets and snacks!

📆 When? 23 - 25 april 2023
📍 Where? KölnMesse - Hall 4.2 - stand K031g

Save the date and let's meet in Cologne!