Great Belgian chocolate for every mood and every occasion


As a family business, The Belgian Chocolate Group has been producing and exporting high-quality chocolate products since 1956. With a passionate team, we work hard every day to continue to grow innovatively and creatively.


Under the brand “The Belgian”, The Belgian Chocolate Group offers a wide and permanently innovative range of chocolate products. 


As a private-label manufacturer, our team will do its best to produce products according to the customer's wishes.


For our customers

The Belgian Chocolate Group will be a reliable partner with the potential of a long term relationship and delivering quality products with a fair price. 

For our consumers
The Belgian Chocolate Group will continue to improve its recipes that stimulate all the senses and guarantee food safety. 

For our employees
The Belgian Chocolate Group will guarantee a safe and inspiring workplace in which all employees can develop their talents.


For our society
The Belgian Chocolate Group will start with sustainable entrepreneurship. Where possible, actions will be taken, aiming towards a better future. Our participation to the Voka Charter for sustainable entrepreneurship will keep challenging us and motivating us during this journey.


Innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship while maintaining quality


Making the only planet with chocolate a better place


With a wide and divers range of qualitative Belgian chocolates, The Belgian Chocolate Group aims to keep innovating while maintaining the products quality. A passionate team makes sure that our customers nationally and internationally can give the best products to our consumers.


As of 2020, sustainable entrepreneurship will be a big part of the brands identity. Where possible, actions will be taken to start corporate social responsibility and help build a better future.